Special Education

    At McGrath Law Offices, we are uniquely qualified to obtain results that maximize educational opportunities for students with special needs. 

    The law surrounding special education in Pennsylvania is a complicated and often confusing set of rules and regulations that can leave students with special needs and their parents feeling helpless when they are not being provided an appropriate educational plan.  

    Harry McGrath served as solicitor for public schools in Northeastern Pennsylvania for a combined 27 years, and possesses a wealth of experience and knowledge in this unique field of law.  Having practiced in the area since the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was enacted in 1996, his expertise will help students and their parents in establishing an individualized educational plan appropriate for the student based upon his or her unique needs.

    Additionally, Mr. McGrath has been involved with literally hundreds of expulsion and disciplinary proceedings which can adversely effect a student’s education.  Due to the precise statutory guidelines that control student discipline, prompt attention to these matters is a necessity. 

    For over 17 years, Mr. McGrath worked on behalf of students, their families, as well as school districts in Northeastern Pennsylvania to create reasonable accommodations for students with special needs of all ages.  He now uses this unparalleled experience to achieve the maximum educational benefits on behalf of special needs students and their families.

    Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s educational needs, including:

    • I.E.P
    • 504 plan
    • Truancy
    • Suspension
    • Expulsion 
    • Disability as it relates to education

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